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The v-belt is the most common type of belt as a highly flexible and efficient power transmission device, is readily available at an economical price, and is easy to replace. Dimensions: 164 x 76.1 x 8.9 mm (6.46 x 3.00 x 0.35 in) Apple Watch Series 8 Size. Dimensions: 45 x 38 x 10.7 mm (1.77 x 1.50 x 0.42 in)

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V-belts have several profiles (i.e., cross-section) options. While all of them feature the basic trapezoidal shape, each one has different 

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Ametric American Metric® Corporation ® 218 1-046-210720 Metric Banded V-Belts PROFILE SPA SPA 1000X10 RIBS SPA 1000X2 RIBS SPA 1000X3 RIBS SPA 1000X4 RIBS SPA 1000X5 RIBS SPA 1000X6 RIBS SPA 1000X7 RIBS SPA 1000X8 RIBS SPA 1000X9 RIBS SPA 1107X10 RIBS SPA 1107X2 RIBS SPA 1107X3 RIBS SPA 1107X4 RIBS SPA 1107X5 RIBS SPA 1107X6 RIBS SPA 1107X7

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Single V-Belts Predator Metric Power™ V-Belts 17X Molded notch construction is available in lengths under 3,000mm only. SPC 10X 13X XPC SPB XPB SPA XPA SPZ XPZ 10mm 8mm 13mm 10mm 16mm 13mm 6mm 22mm 10mm 13mm 17mm 8mm 10mm 18mm Multi-Speed Belts Example: 3/7M850 Belt: (1) 3 strands (2) 7M profile (3) An effective length of 850mm

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Low Profile Milling Belt Material (1/4in V-Cleat) Medium Profile Milling Belt Material (5/8in Open "V") Tall Profile Milling Belt Material (1-1/4in "Y" Chevron) Hot Asphalt (Oil-Resistant) Smooth Rubber Belts; High Temperature Smooth Rubber Belts; Hi-Temp Urethane Scraper Material (Red) Roughtop & Incline Belts. 2-Ply Black Roughtop Belt

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You will notice that all V belts also sometimes referred to as wedge shaped belts are measured across the top think section and the depth of the belt. This 

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Example: 5/8” top width 5VX belt with 80” O.C. equals 5VX800 V-Belt. belts are identified in a similar manner, in either English or metric units.

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Belts Dimensions Include The Width, Depth & Angle Per Style V Belt.. Easy To Read V Belt Dimensions. About; Promotions; Contact; Categories; Lawn Mower Belts. Lawn Mower Belts;

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Metric Power™ V-Belts are ideal for use as replacements on drives that require metric cross sections in a broad range of applications, including textile mills, machine tool, and food processing. Flex-Bonded Cords are chemically forged to the belt body, providing equal load distribution and bending stress absorption without cord deterioration.

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Poly-V Ground Belts. European Metric PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM. J Profile; K Profile; L Profile; M Profile; Double Sided. Category products are not currently stock items.Please contact us for pricing and availability by email at [email protected], By phone at 864-876- or By fax at 864-876-2630.

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Metric V-Belt Pulleys to DIN 2211 & DIN 2217 PDF - PulleyV-BeltMetric.pdf Subcategories below. Minimum Plain Bore V-Pulleys: Taper-Lock Bushed V-Pulleys : 10X Profile; 13X Profile; 17X Profile; SPA Profile; SPB Profile; SPC Profile; SPZ Profile; Step Sheaves; Stock Pre-Bored. Products: SPA 100X2.19; SPA 100X5.42; SPA 125X2.1-1/8"