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of its existing systems at the cement plant based in Ramapuram,. Mallacheruvu, Kodad in Nalgonda. They paid particular attention to the grate cooler, 

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The utility model discloses an improved generation comb formula cooler is used in cement mill, including the box, the discharging pipe has been run through in the left side of box, and the right-hand member of discharging pipe runs through the box and extends to the inside of box, and the first driving motor of support frame fixedly connected with is passed through at the top of box internal

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A modern 4½ x 70-ft Air-Quenching grate cooler in a US cement plant. A cooler this size will cool clinker at a rate of 100 barrels per hour. Clinker Grinding Costs Rapid Air-Quenching — Clinker from an Allis- Chalmers grate cooler is a true air-quenched clinker, having favorable grinding characteristics.

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As an essential part of the cement kiln system, a rotary cooler is used to cool the clinker discharged from the cement rotary kiln. The rotary cooler also helps air to absorb the large amounts of heat carried by clinker, heating the combustion air up to the high temperature, strengthen the calcination, and reduce the energy consumption.

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2006; Jiang and Cang, ). The grate cooler in the cement industry utilize highly powerful fans which adds up to the huge initial capital investment (Hongyou et al., ). In fact, the whenever the impact of thermal recuperation capacity of the pyro process in the cement plant is to be evaluated that of the cooler is usually of utmost

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ABSTRACT: A design of Internal Model Control based PID controller for maintaining the under grate pressure of a grate cooler used in cement plants is 

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Cooler is mainly composed of cylinder, transmission device, cooling device, sealing device and supporting roller device. Cement grinding plant (5) Lithium carbonate production line (1) Auxiliary machinery (21) Spare parts Ball mill spare parts (32) (77) (15)

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cement plant. Given the grate cooler system in the steady state operation, some step changes are preformed on input variables in order to investigate the dynamic behaviour. The open loop process responses for the key output variables are evaluated. Inputs considered are as follows:-

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The main purpose of cement rotary cooler: Reduce the temperature of the clinker as low as possible for subsequent grinding, transportation, and storage. Recycle the heat energy from the clinker as much as possible to heat the secondary and tertiary air, making them combustion air and minimizing the fuel consumption of the cement rotary kiln system.

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This presentation shows the principles of working of clinker coolers and gives some examples for GRATE COOLER (IN CEMENT PRODUCTION).


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