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Sprayon LU100 White Lithium Grease is a high solids grease that provides excellent lubrication for metal-to-metal applications. It serves as an excellent 

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11/30 · Copper grease is an anti seize compound designed to operate at extremes of temperature. It is often used to help prevent seizing and corrosion at high temperatures in the automotive industry. Copper grease is effective within the temperature range of of -40° to +1,150° celsius, making it an ideal choice for use on wheel nuts & bolts, flanges, studs and

Brake Grease vs Anti Seize - Which Is Best For Your Brakes?

It's a grease, but it's actually an anti seize compound. If you're looking to grease your brakes, then using copper grease is a bad idea. There are a few reasons for this. Copper grease is an anti seize compound, so whilst technically it isn't a lubricant, it's often used for these purposes.

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Permatex's White Lithium Grease is an all-purpose lubricant is designed to reduce friction between load bearing metal-to-metal and metal-to-plastic 

Know-How Notes: Different Types Of Grease And Where To Use Them

White lithium grease is available in an aerosol can or a tube. It works great for hinges and metal-on-metal moving parts. Anti-Seize. If you have ever opened a can of anti-seize, you know that it gets everywhere. Wiping that silver stuff off your hands is nearly impossible. That said, it is the best solution for threaded fasteners and

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7/21 · Oddometer: 35. Location: Rocky Mountain Bound. Bruce is exactly right. Grease is for bearings and antisieze is for fasteners. Oiling or greasing bolts is an old concept that comes from the automotive world where they give "dry" and "oiled" torques on bolts. (My '15 Model T uses oil on the head bolts prior to torquing)

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white lithium grease safety data sheet. section 1 - product and company identification : product type: lubricating grease manufacture / supplier: anti-seize technology 2345 n. 17th ave. franklin park, il 60131 phone: 847-455-2300 toll free: 800 991-1106 web: information phone number:

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Lithium soaps are the most commonly used thickeners. They offer excellent lubricity, shear stability, and thermal resistance. With a consistency similar to 

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3-IN-ONE Anti-Seize Copper Grease is a high-temperature lubricant and anti-seize compound that protects metal components from corrosion, rust, water, 


WHITE LITHIUM GREASE ANTI-SEIZE TECHNOLOGY 2345 N. 17th AVE. • FRANKLIN PARK, IL 60131–3432 847-455-2300 • Product Description

White lithium grease for bearings

Mar 19, · Here are the different types of grease you can purchase and what each product can do to maintain wheel bearings. White Lithium Grease . White lithium lubricant is the most popular type of product on the market as it’s a multipurpose grease .